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The Location. When choosing where to set up your photo booth in the party space, look for an area that doesn’t obstruct the flow of the party but is still easily accessible. Even if you are hosting a large gathering, you don’t need a lot of square footage to set up the photo booth.

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The FoolProof DIY Photo Booth. (Pro-tip: If you’re using either of the printed methods above, your photo booth can double as a guest book opportunity. Just have your guests take two photos: one to keep, and one to put in the guest book. They can stick the photos into a regular album with washi tape or photo …

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The Setup. 3. The Triggers We used PocketWizards to sync the camera and the light, but since you only need one light and it’s extremely close to the camera you could easily just use the free sync cord that comes with the light. 4. The Camera & Settings The camera was a Canon 5D on a tripod set to shoot …

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Set up a photo booth or selfie station in minutes. This photo booth setup uses your iPad’s front-facing camera so guests can get a live preview and simply tap the screen to start creating awesome photo layouts or GIFs with different filters. They can even share or print photos! Just follow these five simple steps to make your own photo booth.

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Photo booth are becoming very popular at parties. They can be seen at the wedding and birthday parties. Photo booth are unique and form great ideas at a party and a quite simple one to do. You can set up a photo booth within an hour if you have the right equipment.

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Find the Perfect Spot for Your DIY Photo Booth. iStock. Start with staking out a spot at your …

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I set-up my first photo booth for my sister’s baby shower back in April. Simple photobooths have become really popular at weddings and events in the last couple of …

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Dec 02, 2014 · Image via Fun on a Stick on Etsy. If you’re lucky enough to have trees near the nucleus of your party, then using a clothesline is a great way to create a photo booth backdrop. Toss fabrics or pretty sheets over the line or tie on ribbons or streamers to create a more festive look. Image …