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A Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Music Video

Music videos used to be the domain of major labels with the mega-budgets and the pull to get them on MTV. Not anymore. Here’s how to make your own clip. Remember that it can take a long time to shoot and edit each second of video so while you might have a good idea for a video for that 10 minute epic that closes the album, it might be more

How I shoot RAP – HIPHOP Music Videos! | Tutorial – YouTube

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Feb 11, 2017 · A lot of people think music videos are super tough to shoot but this video truly shows myself, the videographer/producer & the artist working together to make all of our shots work which takes a

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Choose the song. Song selection is where it all starts. The genre, tempo, beat, and message of …

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Shooting a music video is not an easy task. pre-planning can often take a week or two, shooting can take anywhere from 1 day to 7 days and editing can take up to a month. Shooting a music video is a huge time commitment.

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How to draft a music video script? As you listen to the song you’re going to cover, your mind starts …

How to Make a Music Video: Planning, Shooting and Editing

Shooting the music video. 1. Record the track that you are playing back on set as you shoot. This scratch track will help you synchronize the shots with the clean track in post-production.. 2. Instruct the singer to sing properly – no half-hearted singing or, worse, miming. If they mumble or mime, it will not look right when you lay the shots against the song, because the tension and

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Find the right music. Or even better, let the song find you. Sometimes you have control over picking …

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Get your friends involved. My friend Craig is a filmmaker, so he was an obvious choice to ask for …