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Fine art photography, or What makes a photograph “fine art”?

On September 12, 2017, Martin Bailey wrote an article agreeing, disagreeing with various points on this article, and expanding the discussion of fine art photography. Thanks. Thanks. Photography is a democratic medium, everyone can take photographs.

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What is Fine Art Photography and How to Do it?

That doesn’t make an image artistic, that just makes it silly. There doesn’t seem to be a definitive explanation or definition for what Fine Art Photography is, …

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Stieglitz, as a pioneer of fine art photography, is known for experimenting with a more ‘painterly’ approach to capturing images. An example of this is wonderfully depicted in his photograph, ‘ The Terminal ’, where he used elements such as rain and steam to unify the image.

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Jan 18, 2009 · Answers. It’s the same thing that makes any art, photography is just the medium as Oils is a medium, or a musical instrument. All art requires an element of skill and technical ability to work in the medium. The duration of the creation of a photograph is much shorter, but I don’t think that art …

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Instead, a distinguishing feature of fine art photography is that recording a subject is not the main purpose. These artists use photography as a means to express their vision and make an artistic statement. Ansel Adams once stated, “Art implies control of …

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Like in any art form, there are many elements the artist takes into consideration before making an artwork. In the case of fine art photography, it is the composition, the focus, the lighting, the poses of the figures or the forms of landscape, all put in synchrony to create something unique.

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As an end product, a photograph can be an aesthetically valuable work (i.e. beautiful), as is usually the case for art work in other forms. Possible additions, such as a photograph’s narrative or motifs, further distinguish photography as an art form.

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Nov 18, 2013 · Basically: you didn’t make it in the same sense of casting a bronze or painting a watercolor; it now makes sense to call the process ‘taking photographs’ rather than ‘making photographs’.