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Lightroom 5.5 and earlier. The import window opens, with your iPhoto files selected in the preview area. By default, Lightroom Classic CC wants to add these photos to your catalog. Choose Copy or Move, if preferred, and specify the destination folder and other options in the panels on the right-hand side of the import window.

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Scott, thanx for the article…I have a similar problem as Alessandro. I’m trying to import a 105GB iPhoto library into Lightroom Classic CC running El Capitan using …

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Jan 09, 2016 · – The standard “Import Photos & Video” option in Lightroom, while not accessing the iPhoto Library (hence the need to export out of iPhoto first) does however keep the folder structure of what it is importing. iPhoto can export Events and put them into seperate folders with the Event Name as the Folder Name.

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Moving from iPhoto to Lightroom is now so easy. Learn some tips for using Adobe Lightroom’s built in tool for moving your photos over and then watch the video to see how. Adobe made this great built in tool called a plug-in to get your Aperture or iPhoto photos into Lightroom.

20. Edit iPhoto Photos in Lightroom or Import iPhoto Files

How to edit iPhoto pix in Elements or Lightroom. Go to the iPhoto menu and select Preferences. On the advanced tab, click on the menu next to Edit Photos. Select Other and navigate to Lightroom or Elements. Now, when you right click on a photo in iPhoto, …

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Jul 27, 2011 · You should now be able to import all of your iPhoto photos to Lightroom. Note this will not preserve events or any other iPhoto features, but it will allow you to see all of your photos in Lightroom without having to Export from iPhoto (which requires making a copy of every photo). JK.

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To back up on demand, go to Lightroom menu > Catalog Settings and select When Lightroom Next Exits from the pop-up at the bottom and quit Lightroom to run the backup., then open Lightroom. Go to File menu > Plug-in Extras > Import from Aperture Library or Import from iPhoto Library.

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Import Window Structure. Lightroom’s Import window consists of three main sections, as shown in …

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Then back up your catalog, and choose to update the catalog the next time you launch Lightroom. 1. Choose File > Plug-in Extras. You have four options: Important: Make sure to open and read the info option for the library you want to open. 2. Choose the import options for the appropriate type of library.

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This process won’t work with iPhoto – instead with iPhoto go to File>Plugin Extras>Import from iPhoto. Chris Lee December 14, 2018 at 6:37 pm – Reply Is this true for current LIGHTROOM CC?