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Volume for audio and video sounds too quiet in Chrome, e.g. on YouTube. I have tried restarting it (via the actual exit option) and then I tried restarting the computer. Running …

Please find below the steps for the volume issue in Google Chrome, on Windows OS:
Open a new google chrome browser.
Open the webpage by typing “chrome://plugins”.
Now click “+details” towards the right side of the screen.
Disable the “\PepperFlash\Pepperflashplayer.dll”.
Let the “\Macromed\Flash\” be enabled.Best answer · 0
To turn up the volume in Chrome:
Start playing sound in Chrome (e.g. Music or YouTube).
Click volume icon in taskbar.
Click Mixer.
Adjust the volume level for Chrome.
If you raise it to the Speaker volume, they should become linked.0
In Windows7, go to Sounds→Playback.
For Windows10, search for and select Manage Audio Devices.
Pick speakers as output device and go into its Properties.
At the Levels tab, check if is set at 100%.
If it was, go to the Enhancements tab, and enable Loudness Equalisation.0
Open chrome browser:
Go to Start > Search and type vol.
Click on Adjust system volume.
You should see a volume slider specifically for Google Chrome (this only shows up if the browser is currently open).
Test volume in browser – adjust Chrome setting:0
Had the same issue but in Windows 10 (only with Chrome videos e.g. YouTube, despite volume set to max in the Volume Mixer), tried all the solutions here and the one with restarting the Windows Audio service worked! So “Computer Management”, “Services and Applications”, “Services” and restart “Windows Audio”. Thanks!0Are you having problems only with Youtube Video on Google Chrome or overall system? There are a few ways to increase the volume of the system. One method that I like is using the loudness equalization in Windows which doesn’t require any tool.0I had the same issue in Windows 8, and I solved using the following steps:
Right click on start and select “Computer Management”.
Double click in “Services and Applications”.
Double click in “Services”.
Search for the Service “Windows Audio”.
Select “Windows Audio” and press “Restart”.0

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May 21, 2014 · Low volume for all sound using Chrome. Using Firefox, sound indicator (green bar in Volume mixer) jumps from low 10% to high 70%, average around 45% and it’s it’s just perfect while using with other programs, like game, spotify and whatever But while using chrome, highest point of the jump is just around 20%and it’s barely audible.

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May 17, 2016 · Hello Dear! Chrome volume low issue is the disaster for its user because while playing any video, user will unable to listen the voice clearly.

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Now on to the problem; I have Chrome set at a normal audio level in the mixer, and the weird thing is that if I crank my volume all the way up I get a normal sound level, but only with the volume at the highest possible setting. It’s like there’s a switch between 99 and 100 in the mixer to turn the volume on and off.

Top responsesRedditHas anyone figured a solution yet? I’m having the same issue. Can’t find a fix anywhere. Uninstalling Razer Synapse and Surround didn’t fix it. Halp.4 votesCould it be for some reason that chrome volume was turned down on the windows sound mixer? Like here … read more1 voteAre you using Razer Surround? I had an issue while using it where Chrome would do exactly that1 voteMan, I don’t know if you already solved this, but its a plugin problem.
1. Go on Google Chrome type: chrome://plugins/
2. Click +Details on the Top Right … read more0 votes
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Unmute Chrome in volume mixer. You can fix this from the volume mixer window, here’s how: 1. Left-click on the “Speaker” icon in the taskbar and then click on “Mixer” option. 2. Here make sure Chrome is not mute (the blue icon below) or the volume is too low that it is inaudible.

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Sep 29, 2015 · Instead it is about the volume limiter of chrome that is in the Volume Mixer. (Note suggested Skip navigation Sign in. How to fix Youtube No/Low Sound on Chrome. {Working as of 2015}

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Jan 08, 2019 · No sound when using Chrome original title: sound issues. the volume of google chrome is not working, it isn’t muted or other thing. but when trying to watch things there is not noise . This thread is locked. Under Google Chrome icon, make sure the volume is not set too low. Reply back if it helps.

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If you are experiencing low volume when casting your Android Audio, follow these steps: Open the Google Home app . In the upper right corner of the app home screen, tap Devices to see your available Chromecast Audio devices. Scroll to find the device card for the Chromecast Audio device that is currently casting content.

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Basically what happens is, despite having set EVERY single option for volume on 100% (windows volume mixer, headset slider, youtube slider) the audio on chrome and most notably on YouTube is very low. With the mixer open the volume is always below 50%, usually around 10-40%, sometimes going over that if something very loud happens.

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Dec 27, 2012 · I installed google chrome 14 to try and didn’t like it so I uninstalled it and installed google chrome 13 again, now when I watch a video (like any video) on google chrome my volume key on my laptop keyboard does not work.

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Aug 15, 2015 · Low sound volume Since going from Win8 to Win10 tech preview I have had to increase my volume a lot more than before to hear anything. Has anyone else had sound volume …