what was the average wage in 1960

Library Guides: Prices and Wages by Decade: 1960-1969

Average annual wages and salaries across all industries – 1960-1974 For those who want the simplest possible figure, this shows the average for all industries combined. Scroll forward in the book to find average weekly earnings and other breakouts.

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How much was the basic wage in Australia in 1960 – Answers

The minimum wage in 1960 was $1.00, but that is equal to $8.00 now.

What was the average salary in America during the 1960s?

Feb 01, 2019 · The salary for a American doctor in 1960 was approximately $ 8,272, while a neurologist earned some $ 28,682. This compares to the 1960 national average wage of $ 4,007. To ke…ep this in context, the minimum wage was $ 1.00 /hr (rising to $ 1.15 /hr in 1961!).

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SWA-Wages | Table 4.39 | Value of the minimum wage, 1960

Source: Authors’ analysis of U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (2009)


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Between 1901 and 2003, the average U.S. household’s income increased 67-fold, from $750 to $50,302. During the same period, household expenditures increased 53-fold, from $769 to $40,748. Equally dramatic is that the $40,748 would have bought more than $2,000 worth of goods in 1901 prices, indicat-ing a tripling of purchasing power.

1960 United States Minimum Wage in Today’s Dollars

In the year 1960, the United States minimum wage was $1.00. This is equivalent to $8.55 in 2019 dollars.


Average Income of Families Up Slightly in 1960 – Census

Average Income of Families Up Slightly in 1960 Author: U.S. Census Bureau Subject: Current Population Reports, Consumer Income Keywords: P60-36 Created Date:

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May 28, 2011 · Answers. £500 a year or so. Edit: at the exhange rate prevalent in 1960, $5,000 was about £1,200 – and Americans always were overpaid.

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A flashback to 1960. This page contains interesting facts about 1960. What the cost of living was, highlights of this year, who was born in ’60 and who died.

Minimum wage 1960s: Higher wages, less unemployment.

Back in the 1960s the minimum wage was higher than it is today ($10.52 or $9.22 depending on which inflation index you use) yet overall wages and labor productivity were lower.

National Average Wage Index – Social Security Administration

In other words, the national average wage index for 2017 is 48,642.15 times 48,251.57 divided by 46,640.94, which equals 50,321.89. The complete average wage indexing series is shown below.

Library Guides: Prices and Wages by Decade: 1950-1959

Prices and Wages by Decade: 1950-1959. Shows average weekly salaries for about 50 different occupations, some with breakouts for men and women. Higher education salaries, 1959-1960. Covers the salaries paid to teachers, professors and administrators in …

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National Average Wages (Hansard, 29 November 1960)

The national average wages received by tool fitters and pattern makers are not known but such information as is available about average weekly earnings of men manual workers in engineering, in all manufacturing industries combined, in railways and in coal mining for 1945, 1958 and 1960 …

1960 Today – Food – College – Personal Income

The chart shows that most wages and salaries have increased faster than the CPI adjusted levels from 1960. It is suspected that the 78% increase in average household income is partially due to the increased percentage of women in the workplace as compared to 1960.