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Create and customize shapes and masks in After Effects

Convert Vector Art Footage to Shape | CC, CS6. Now you can create a shape layer from a vector art footage layer, and then modify it. With the ability to bevel and extrude objects in After Effects, you can extrude the artwork (for example, extruded logos), as well. See Extruding text and shape layers.

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Create custom shapes in After Effects – Part 1 of 2. Click through to watch this video on

Learn how to mask and create shape layers in After Effects

Draw with the Shape Tool in After Effects. The Shape tools (Shortcut:Press Q) allows you to create a mask or shape layer with different path such as – Rectangle (default shape) – Rounded Rectangle Tools – Ellipse Tool – Polygon Tool – Star Tools.

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Dec 07, 2017 · After Effects – Creating Shapes from Vector Layer, not all parts are made into shapes! A vector layer converted to a shape will lose custom gradient fills, styles, effects, some, clipping paths, compound paths, gradient masks, blends and a bunch of other things you can use in Illustrator to class up your illustration.

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Create Dynamic Transitions by Morphing Shapes in After Effects

Import Your Shapes and Create a Solid Layer. Your first step is going to be importing the assets that will morph into one another. In this example, Boone uses four different states for an infographic.

How to Create a Mask from a Shape with After Effects

Creating and using masks is a fundamental aspect of getting the best from After Effects, here we will look at the process for creating masks from the shape menu, which is the most straightforward way to implement a mask.

Working with Shape Layers in Adobe After Effects CC (2015

When you create the first vertex, After Effects automatically adds a shape layer to the Timeline panel. Your lightning bolt doesn’t need to look exactly like ours, but you can use the one in the illustration as a guide. Click an initial vertex at the bottom of the shape, and then click to create each additional point.

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When creating mask or shape layers in After Effects the most important thing to remember is this: If a layer is selected, you are creating a mask. Drawing with the Shape Tool in After Effects. To create a mask or shape, click on the Shape Tool (default is a rectangle).

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Read about the Ray-traced 3D renderer in After Effects, and how to create a Ray-traced 3D composition, and its features and limitations. After Effects. Learn & Support Get Started User Guide Tutorials Free Trial Buy Now Extruding text and shape layers. Search. After Effects User Guide Select an article: On this page. About beveled and extruded

Creating Shape Bursts in After Effects | Motion Array

Overview: In this tutorial we show you how quickly and easy it is to create shape layer bursts. With just a few clicks you can create lots of different animations that you can modify easily and create …

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Description. Shape layers are a deeply integral part of any After Effects animation. In this course, After Effects CC Animating with Shape Layers, you’ll learn all aspects of shape layers and how to apply and reinforce the concepts by creating an animated game of pong, made entirely of shapes.


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Jan 28, 2019 · After Effects Create Shapes From Vector Layer Invisible. briann57094668 Jan 28, 2019 6:31 PM I made a 3d Adobe Illustrator logo and saved the image. I imported it into after effects and made it 3d and tried to “Create a shape from vector layer” and the logo is invisible. I literally am following a video of myself doing this 3 months ago.

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Adobe After Effects gives you the full advantage of making designs in different perspectives; 2D or 3D. Creating shapes has always been a difficult task because it comes under vector designing which compositing software normally do not support.

Create3DShapes – aescripts + aeplugins –

Create3DShapes is a package of 8 separate scripts: Create3DMengerSponge_Shapes.jsx – variation of Create3DMengerSponge, uses extruded shape layers instead of precomped cubes (CS6 required). They create the 3D shape using user-defined comp layers. Assign a layer to each side, and the script will position and scale them to build the shape