i hate babies

Why Some People Don’t Like Babies — Or Even Think They’re Cute

Why Some People Don’t Like Babies — Or Even Think They’re Cute. Babies are possibly the most socially acceptable things around. The interesting thing about disgust, though, is that yet

I hate babies. Is something wrong with me? : AskReddit

If you hate babies who have done nothing but show up in a photo that you say, there’s an issue there. I know Reddit loves to hate on kids but when you say you want to “squish their chubby cheeks to death” that’s a little concerning.

Top responsesRedditGo to /r/childfree and realize that a ton of people share your affliction. Actual hatred of babies who haven’t done anything to you and are by definition … read more6 votesNo not at all. Lots of people don’t like babies ( I don’t know about hating them so much. but you do you.) Anyways, because of the expectations that were all … read more3 votesIs this some kind of mental illness like the psycho-freaks who hurt the animals for pleasure? A psychiatrist once told a friend as long as you never act on … read more3 votesIf you’re a pediatrician, probably.2 votesI hate babies as well. Bleh. I don’t think it’s strange though, as there are not benefits to having a baby. It hurts. You can’t do as please, you have to live to … read more2 votesMaybe it’s an underlying pushback to the social expectations set up for you that require you to have children? Tbh as long as its not an outward thing there’s … read more2 votesSee all

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Jul 30, 2015 · I hate babies. Let me explain. Find me on Facebook: http://facebook.com/DanHammill Instagram: http://instagram.com/RULDan I Hate Babies uploaded by Dan Hammill.

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I Hate Babies : The ONLY line of baby-hating merchandise!

Hate babies? I mean, even on a “hey look at me I’m the jerk who thinks it’s funny to hate babies” level? Well, you have a plethora of items in which to show your baby hatred. Just look through, I’m sure you’ll be amused. You, your children, your significant other, even your dog will show how much

Anonymous Mom: I Can’t Help It, I Hate Babies

Sure, I LOVE my babies and feel a fierce protectiveness toward them from the moment they’re born, but I think the first year just sucks. It’s more than the physical demands and grossness of infancy.

I’m Allowed To Hate Babies – Literally, Darling

Well, hate is a bit of a strong word, but to be honest, I do strongly dislike babies. I’m not a kid lover either, but babies are even worse in my eyes: helpless bags of humans that cry, disrupt sleep, poop and pee constantly, are always hungry, can’t do anything on their own, and take up a butt load of time, just to name a few of their not

Why It’s Completely OK if You Don’t Like Babies

But others are becoming more blunt about their baby hate — and their disdain for in-your-face parents who allow their babies to disturb the peace at restaurants and on airplanes. “I can’t stand

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Sep 23, 2009 · I hate babies and children. I’d never hurt one, but I don’t want to be around them and I definitely don’t want any of my own. I don’t think babies are cute and I will make excuses so I don’t have to hold them (this isn’t entirely out of disgust, I’m very afraid I will drop them).

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27 things only people who don’t like babies know | Metro News

They’re boring as f*ck. Ooh, look, it blinked. Now it’s made a noise. Can we watch a movie now?

Five Things NOT to Do to Babies | Psychology Today

Ignore them (don’t) Under natural birth conditions, newborns are ready to communicate with …

I hate your kids. And I’m not sorry. | Salon.com

Oct 07, 2015 · I hate your kids. And I’m not sorry. Alanna Weissman October 8, 2015 2:31AM (UTC) I was 19 when I held a baby for the first and last time. On a street in New York City, a harried-looking

How to stop hating human babies so much – Quora

How do I stop hating human babies so much? Update Cancel. a d b y A m a z o n B a b y R e g i s t r y. Amazon Baby Registry: Start yours today. Diaper. Change. Repeat. But if you really, truly DO “HATE” Babies, GO GET HELP IMMEDIATELY so this doesn’t turn into something MUCH more serious.

I love kids. but I hate babies. : childfree – reddit

RAVE I love kids. but I hate babies. (self.childfree) submitted 2 years ago * by laeiryn babies are a hard limit. My entire life I’ve known I didn’t want babies. I wanted kids – I wanted to adopt or foster unwanted teens, an opinion I had developed before I was even a teen myself. Of course, I was bingo’ed a lot by my mum, but it didn’t

Is there any psychological reason why some women hate

Hate is a strong word. Are you sure she hates babies or she just dislikes them? Your own guess is a good one. Sometimes people who have had an unpleasant childhood might dislike kids and babies in general because children–subconsciously or directly–remind …