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How To Take Stunning Pictures Of The (Super) Moon

However, it is possible to show some detail by using two photos. First, take a photo with the moon properly exposed. You’ll likely just see the moon with the rest of the image black, like the first image below. Next, slow down the shutter speed so the rest of the scene is correctly exposed.

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Why does the moon look smaller in pictures? Before we start talking about how to take a picture of …

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How to set the correct exposure. By switching your digital camera to “manual mode”, you will have much more control of the exposure speed, and the amount of the light the camera sensor picks up. While in manual mode, roll the exposure value wheel back until the moon turns from a featureless blob of light to a gray disc with discernable craters.

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Planning Your Moon Picture. Find the moonrise and moonset times. If you use a compass to angle your camera, make sure to take into account magnetic declination. Moonrise and moonset are great times for spectacular Moon photos. The Moon is just above the horizon, so you can add mountains, buildings, or other surroundings to your picture.

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Find out the phase and pick the right date: Start by finding out when and where the moon will be …

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Alternatively, simply set up the camera on a tripod, and use a self-timer mode to take the image. Set everything up in terms of exposure and focus, then press the shutter button to start the self-timer. For dSLRs, the simple movement of the mirror flipping up and down to let …

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How-to: Photograph the moon. It orbits our Earth every 27.3 day, and the same side of The Moon always faces us due to its synchronous rotation with Earth. There are eight different phases of the moon during it’s 29.53 day monthly cycle, and the most popular phase to photograph is during a full moon.

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The Best Camera Settings for Photographing the Moon. Digital cameras should be set to 100 or lower, film shooters should shoot film of 100 ISO or slower to eliminate noise and grain. Aperture. Because you’re after crisp, clean shots, shooting at f/11 to f/16, depending on …