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Supported file formats for InDesign CS5 – Adobe

File > Open formats; File > Save As formats; File > Export formats; File > Place formats (Import in graphics, media, and text files) Save for InCopy; Other; These tables list the file formats that Adobe InDesign CS4 supports for various functions.

Which File Format? How to Open InDesign Files in CS4, CS5

But to down-save (open a file in an older version to the original) or up-save if you’re having problems opening the original file you need to save your work as an IDML file (or INX file for opening in CS3, see below). An IDML (InDesign Markup) file is a ‘legacy’ file format.

File Formats for InDesign | Understanding and Choosing

InDesign documents use the file extension .indd, templates use the extension .indt, and InDesign books have the file extension .indb. The Open a File dialog box, shown in Figure 3.48, offers the option of Open Normal, Open Original, or Open Copy. Generally speaking, Open Normal is the appropriate choice.

Supported file formats for InDesign CS4 – Adobe

Note: Any InCopy CS4 file format will not be openable in versions prior to InCopy CS3, or InDesign CS3. However, files from InCopy CS2, for example, can be opened in InDesign and InCopy CS4. However, files from InCopy CS2, for example, can be opened in InDesign and InCopy CS4.

InDesign CS3 file format | Adobe Community

Mar 30, 2008 · InDesign CS3 file format. It is used by InDesign as an exchange format in order to save back from a newer version of InDesign to an older version. It is also leveraged in InCopy and by system integrators to enable more complicated workflow and automated publishing systems. Even though it is not necessarily documented fully,

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Adobe InDesign file extensions

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eps Yes Yes Yes
epub Yes Yes Yes
idd Yes Yes Yes

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InDesign CS versions updated with the 3.1 April 2005 update can read InDesign CS2-saved files exported to the .inx format. The InDesign Interchange format does not support versions earlier than InDesign CS. With InDesign CS4, Adobe replaced INX with InDesign Markup Language (IDML), another XML-based document representation.

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Open the Illustrator file you want to place into the InDesign document, and select “File” from the …

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Note: IDLK files are InDesign Lock files that are automatically generated when INDD files are being used in Adobe InDesign. INDT files are similar to INDD files but are meant to be Adobe InDesign Template files, which are used when you want to make multiple similarly formatted pages.