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More expensive wireless systems will almost always provide diversity operation, and will have better sound quality, longer range, and more useful features. More sophisticated circuitry will reduce the chances of harmful interference and allow more systems to be used in a particular location.

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The result is easier mobility when using wireless mics. Key Components of the Wireless Mic System. Using a wireless mic system is easier and more affordable than you might first imagine. All you need to get started are the three primary components which are: The Microphone. Transmitter. Receiver.

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Wireless systems have an obvious benefit: freedom of movement onstage. Unencumbered by instrument or microphone cables, or the need to stay close to monitor speakers, you’re free to roam the performance space. For active performers and presenters this can be a big advantage. Wireless systems also can be faster to set up,

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How to Choose a Wireless Mic System. The two components you will always find in a wireless system are the transmitter (s), which stay onstage close to the musicians or performers; and the receiver (s), which pick up sound from the transmitters and generally stay close to the sound mixing position.



This wireless system setup example follows the wireless signal path for common vocal system configurations using a handheld microphone. A handheld wireless setup is great for performers who want a handheld vocal microphone that’s not connected to a bodypack transmitter.

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New for 2017, the Sennheiser XSW 1-CI1-GB Wireless Instrument Set is a great option for internationally touring musicians in need of a high quality wireless guitar system. This unit scans 10 compatible channels within the paid licence spectrum, so you will need a licence to use it.

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Shure BLX288/PG58 Wireless Vocal Combo with PG58 Handheld Microphone. This is one of the …

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If you’re performing interviews, you might want to consider a wireless microphone system that includes two mics, one for you and one for your guest. For musical recordings, take a look at instrument microphones that are designed to connect to musical instruments and create clean audio recordings with a minimum of interference.