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Change InDesign CS5 Document Setup. You can also click the up and down arrows in the Width and Height text fields to choose a new value. Click the Portrait or Landscape button to change the page orientation. The page orientation updates in the workspace after you close this dialog box.

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Create documents in InDesign, customize the pasteboard and guides, and change document setup, margins, and columns.

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Booklet Document Setup – InDesign. From Help Wiki. Jump to:navigation, search. Booklet Document Setup – InDesign. Creating a Booklet. Document Setup (Layout Options) These setup instructions walk through creating an 8 page booklet printed doubled sided on 8.5 x 11 in paper. Each “page” will occupy half of the letter size paper.

Create new documents in Adobe InDesign CC 2015 and earlier

Create a new document. You can change these settings at any time. Specify document setup options. (See New Document options .) To specify the dimensions of the bleed and slug areas, click the Arrow button before the Bleed and Slug label. The bleed and slug areas extend out from the edges of the defined Page Size.

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Type area. A new document is created via File > New or through CTRL+N. In the dialog window you enter your presets for format, columns and margins. Intent of most InDesign projects is print, so that’s what we go for here. For the first try we take 4 pages and select “Facing Pages”.

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Join Erica Gamet for Lesson 2: Document Set-Up of Adobe® InDesign® CC® for Beginners on CreativeLive. Available with seamless streaming across your devices. Get started on your creative journey with the best in creative education taught by world-class instructors. Watch a free lesson today.


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In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to set up a document from scratch in Adobe InDesign. Enjoy.

Learn How to Set Up a New Document in Adobe InDesign CC

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Jun 25, 2015 · In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to set up a new document in Adobe InDesign CC

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How to Set up an InDesign Template: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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InDesign Slug and Bleed Guides, Pasteboard, and Rulers

InDesign has rulers that are located the top and on the left of the document. If you don’t see them, click View > Show Rulers. To turn them off, go to View > Hide Rulers. Guides can be pulled from either ruler and positioned in the document as margins or on the pasteboard.

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Learn about some considerations, such as tone, readership, content, frequency, distribution, mission statement, contributors, and advertising. Also learn about document setup—choosing the page size, margins, and column settings—and about creating a custom workspace.

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To set up guides for an InDesign document, you must be in Normal View Mode, which you set at by navigating on the menu by to View > Screen Mode > Normal. If the rulers aren’t turned on across the top and left side of the document, turn them on using View > Show Rulers .

Change Layout Settings in InDesign CS5 – dummies

Fortunately, InDesign CS5 makes these changes easy. Page orientation and size. When you create a new document, you can set its page orientation and size. If you ever need to change your settings after you’ve created a document, choose File→Document Setup and change the following options, which affect all pages in your document: