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What’s the average budget of a low or micro-budget film?

What Is A Micro-Budget Film?

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With all the technical details, you cannot expect to film a high end sci-fi movie without a large investment. One of the big success low budget movies was the The Blair Witch Project that had a final price of only $60,000 and made a huge impact in the cinema industry grossing the value of 240 million dollars.

What types of low-budget films make the most money?

This is the fourth article in my series looking at the financial side of the film business. In previous articles, I’ve looked at $100m+ Hollywood blockbusters, $30m-$100m movies and profitability across all movies released between 1990 and 2015.

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The budget must be between $625,000 and $2,500,000. Actors are paid a weekly rate of $1,752 and a daily rate of $504. Modified Low Budget Agreement. The budget must be between $200,000 and $625,000.

$100,000-$200,000 FEATURE FILM (aka: Ultra-Low-Budget

WRAPUP: THE LOW-BUDGET or ULTRA-LOW-BUDGET FEATURE FILM. Plus, with the remaining $46,000-$134,000 you have enough money to get a name (tv name only) or throw in 30-40 Visual Effects or coordinate 3-4 locations (remember you now have a seasoned pro crew), or attempt a Martial Arts film as good as the 1-location Indonesian flick “RAID: REDEMPTION”,

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Aug 21, 2007 · Make a shooting schedule and budget. Figure out how much money you can spend on this film of yours and figure out the best ways to spend it. Remember, you’ll need something to record sound on, a simple lighting kit, and a camera.


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Jun 07, 2011 · With the arrival of inexpensive, high quality professional grade film equipment, it is now easier than ever to make your own movies. However, feature films that are over 90 minutes are time consuming and often too much work for those on a low budget.


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Casting a Low-Budget Film Image via Vancouver Film School on Flickr . Skimping out in casting is the number one issue that most micro-budget films suffer from .

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Film budgeting refers to the process by which a line producer, unit production manager, or production accountant prepares a budget for a film production.This document, which could be over 134 pages long, is used to secure financing for and lead to pre-production and production of the film.

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