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Autoflash varies the duration of the flash. The camera/flash brain adjusts the flash exposure by making the burst shorter or longer for less or more light, respectively. The range of flash bursts is pretty astounding—a typical accessory unit may have durations from 1/1000 sec to 1/50,000 sec or even less.

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Don’t fear your flash. It is entirely possible to get amazing results from your flash. Look at the …

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“I use flash to influence the scene, to improve the photograph, to guide the eyes of viewers to areas of the photo I want them to look at. The best way to do all of that, easily and with confidence, is to work with these ideas and practice these techniques.

Use a Slow Sync Flash for More Creative Photography Lighting

Most cameras are different so look in your manual. Setting your flash to rear curtain sync on an external unit, usually consists of clicking just one button. Adding movement to your camera while taking the photo produces some really cool effects, demonstrated in the photos below.

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No tripod? Use a lamp! Want to take a group photo but don’t have a place to set the camera? Just …

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Move your Camera. Every good photography course drums into it’s participants the importance of …

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