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Unable to sign a document in Acrobat Reader DC | Adobe

Jul 30, 2017 · Re: Unable to sign a document in Acrobat Reader DC haroldv58001656 Jul 29, 2017 7:45 AM (in response to haroldv58001656) To submit a manuscript to a particular journal, they require this Disclosure form as a pdf file be filled and signed. I was able to fill it our but I …

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why can’t i digitally sign a document in acrobat (Sign and

Maybe they expect you to print out the form, sign it with pen and ink, and then either fax it or scan it into another PDF and email the signed form. You could try EchoSign as offered through www.acrobat.com. Remember, you want this signature to be legally binding in a court of law if something goes wrong.

Unable to digitally sign a PDF (Sign and Send PDFs)

Unable to digitally sign a PDF. I have recently purchased a digital signature to sign statutory documents. I have also installed it on my laptop. I use Adobe Reader XI which is a free trial download from adobe website. However, I am unable to sign it as the signatures does not load when I click on the box.

Adobe Reader 11: Can’t sign PDFs, Place Signature button

Jan 09, 2019 · Adobe Reader 11: Can’t sign PDFs, Place Signature button does nothing. Not getting anything useful from Adobe’s support sites, Youtube, or Google either. They all just show the Place Signature button dropping that field into the PDF for the user to drag into position. And mine doesn’t do that. Also, the Type Signature feature doesn’t work either, same effect.

adobe acrobat – Secured pdf says signing is allowed, but I

The pdf in question is from the government of Canada. Here is the a link to the file, and here is the website.. When I open the file in adobe acrobat, I can edit all the forms, but can’t add a signature at the bottom (the “sign” option is greyed out.

Adobe Reader or Acrobat displays a “At least one signature

To resolve this issue you need to make Adobe trust the certificate that was used to sign the PDF. Warning: only do this if YOU trust the certificate. Don’t do it for any random certificate as this can be a security issue and is not actually required if you just want to view the PDF.

Signing PDFs in Adobe Acrobat

Do one of the following to sign an agreement sent to you using Adobe Sign: Sign using the email link Click the link of the agreement received in your email for signing.