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Unloading. 1.) Hold the LEICA M3 upside-down, with the lens facing you. 2.) Remove and reserve the bottom plate. 3.) Pull-up the film can, or right the LEICA M3 and the film spool drops into your hand. The take-up spool is retained by a spring, ya. 4.) Reset the film reminder to null.

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Apr 12, 2012 · In the meantime I’m going to give one of these light meter apps for my iPhone a try. Additionally, since i will be using the m3 alongside the m6 most of the time (different focal lengths or now for b&w one for color) I suppose I can just use the exposure off of the m6 in that case.

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Leica M3 Apparently one of the best Leicas ever made– this is the Leica Henri Cartier-Bresson shot with most of his life. Has a beautiful viewfinder, and is ideal for a 50mm lens.

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Using the Petzval Lens with Leica M3 to focus is not easy. Snapping a photo needs some time to measure a good distance before hitting the shutter. This process also allows me to re-experience the atmosphere of 19th century photographers – personally, a timeless beauty in classical photography.

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The LEICA M3 (1954-1967, 21.4oz./610g with film, about $1,000) is the world’s greatest 35mm camera, especially today. Its unsurpassed optical quality, ergonomics, speed and ease of use allow me to create beter images than with any DSLR.

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Leica M3 (1961) It was the first Leica that used the Leica M lens mount, the first Leica with a coincident image rangefinder, and the first Leica with a wind lever. It is considered by many to be one of, if not THE best camera ever made. It is a precision instrument built to the highest quality standards.

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Dec 14, 2002 · Leica M3, how do I set the ISO? The Leica M3 is a completely manual camera. The dial on the back serves only as a remider as to the type and ISO of the film you have loaded into the camera.

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May 10, 2014 · This year marks the 60th anniversary for Leica’s legendary M3(, the most successful M model ever produced. With it’s simple mechanical design

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How the Leica M-A got its spots. The all metal film advance, the knurled metal rewind nob with the two little red dots on top (seen in the later M3s) and the metal surround to the lens release button. The shutter speed dial is small and is notched to allow the attachment of a coupled light meter.

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The Leica M3 uses the M mount which was developed by Leica in the ’50s. The Leica M3 can accept ALL the Leica M lenses ever made and also all the older screwmount (M39) Leica lenses made since 1933 (via an adapter). That’s pretty damn cool. Plenty of other manufactures have built M mount lenses.

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First Impressions: Leica M-A. 03. Nov. 2014 / Amongst that lineup are the Leica M2, M3, and M4–with the M4-P perhaps being one of the company’s most popular products in this line.

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Leica M3 – the original M rangefinder Introduction. Released in 1954 and discontinued in 1966, the Leica M3 is to date the most successful M model, with over 220 000 sold. and even issued me a brand new “courtesy Leica M7” to use while the M3 was away (!) Without the warranty, not only I would have been up for hundreds of dollars in repairs

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Jun 29, 2014 · Help: Flash with Leica M3. Discussion in ‘Leica and Rangefinders’ started by christian_merheb, Jun 28, 2014. christian_merheb. Hello Everyone, I am a new member at this forum. Very recently I purchased a Leica M3 with a 2/50 Summitar (LTM) and I am loving it. I’ve been looking around for some more information about using a flash on this camera