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Scopes and Sights Categories. Red dot sights, which is a general term usually reserved for the following: Reflex (aka reflector) sights, Laser sights, and Holographic sights Telescopic (aka scope or magnifying) sights Within the scope sights category, there is another split, this time into fixed or adjustable magnification.

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Sights are used to aim rifles and handguns. There are three types of sights used on firearms.

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How Rifle Scopes Work. Both devices help shooters take aim at a target. Some sights are very simple, while others use lenses similar to a scope’s lenses. Here’s a brief rundown on common sight types: Open sights require shooters to line up two sights on a rifle to aim a shot. The rear sight usually looks like a V or a U. The front sight is a simple vertical projection.

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The Different Types of Rifle Sights and When to Use Them. A shot that’s even a few inches off target can lead to unnecessary suffering for the game animals and perhaps a lengthy pursuit for you. Below are some of the most common types of rifle sights and the types of …

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The most basic sights have one point on the end of the barrel and one closer to the rear of the gun that are aligned with each other and the target. Others are more advanced. Below, you will see descriptions of various sights and the pros/cons associated with each type of sight.

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By Chuck Hawks. The usual sight options for hunting rifles are open iron sights (from buckhorn to express), aperture sights (tang, receiver, peep or ghost ring), and optical (telescopic) sights. Open iron sights of one sort or another are supplied on many rifles, the other types must usually be purchased separately and installed by the rifle owner.

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Iron or Open Sights. Rifles, shotguns and pistols will all have iron sights on the firearm. You will have the ability to change or add a different type of sight. Iron sights are a single sight, called the front sight, and are found on the end muzzle, with two sights that are called the rear sights.