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I just can’t make pure blue (R=0,G=0,B=255) circle. It says “out of gamut warning”. If I press “fix” or something, it makes color black but not blue. I don’t need this “service”. How to bother out such things as “gamuts” and that similar staff? I want each object be the color I want, not somebody regard as “correct”.

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Sep 04, 2017 · If you make an RGB or Lab swatch that is out-of-gamut to your document’s CMYK space an out-of-gamut warning shows in the swatch dialog. When you use the color it will stay in the RGB gamut unchanged as long as you don’t have transparency anywhere on the page with the default CMYK Transparency Blend mode selected,

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37 rows · “out of gamut” warning I’m working with InDesign and Illustrator files in the same Version …

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The phrase “out of gamut” refers to a range of colors that cannot be reproduced within the CMYK color space used for commercial printing. Graphics software is designed to work with images in the RGB color space throughout the editing process.


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Here is a short explanation of what out-of-gamut colors. A gamut is the range of colors that a color device can display or print. A color that may be displayed on your monitor in RGB may not be printable in the gamut of your CMYK printer. For instance, the nice blue on your monitor that prints as purple.

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Illustrator :: How To Use Out Of Gamut Colors Nov 11, 2013. I am working on something that will only be seen on a computer screen, and I want to use out-of-gamut colors, but I …

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The gamut warning is just there to let you know that if you convert to CMYK (through Illustrator or at print time) that the color you chose is outside the printable CMYK gamut. It’s a non-issue when designing beginning-to-end in RGB and, like my laser, I doubt yours will care one bit.

Top responsesRedditHave you ignored the gamut warning and saved the file? The gamut warning is just there to let you know that if you convert to CMYK (through Illustrator … read more2 votesI haven’t had any luck with it actually cutting, it will etch but not cut the material. Normally when I save the file, it will change the color value to CMYK.1 voteSee all

Why are all my colors dull in Illustrator CS6? – Graphic

The little warning symbol to the left of the OK button appears when the color you’re specifying is out of gamut. The box showing what Illustrator suggests converting the color to, to stay within the color model. A little box icon, which I think is supposed to represent a color model or something.

You don’t specify if you’re doing work for display (RGB) or for print (CMYK). That green, with its 100% saturation, would probably cause you problems when printing.
Illustrator is trying to help you. It’s trying to keep you from using colors that cannot properly display or print. This is what color management does.Best answer · 0
I had the exact same issue as you with Illustrator CS6. All you have to do is go under “File”, go to “Document Color Mode”, and select “RGB”. It works!0When you specify colors via hex, you specify RGB values. Since hex is only used for screen, it’s just another form of RGB information.
You’ll find that if you open the color picker in Illustrator and insert the C and Y values the colors will match the document behind the picker. Note when entering the CMYK values the hex value is different.0
This happened to me a few times and I always noticed that it varies according to the profile I select when I open new document. The bright green should appear fine, if you select Web under profile settings. Worked for me. Hope that helps.0Go into the Appearance panel and make sure you don’t have any effects on that are augmenting your colour. This happened to me because I was actually applying a “Darken” effect.0

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The default gamut warning color is a neutral medium toned gray which is frankly one of the worst choices for gamut warnings since it’s so boring. You want a color that is going to jump out …

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To fix an out of gamut color, click on the icon as in the case of web color to fix it; the transparent/no color (5) – click on it if you want to use no color for fill or stroke; Black/White color (6) and color pane (7) – just click in it to select the color you want.

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Jun 03, 2013 · Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial | Controlling Out-Of-Gamut Colors Illustrator Tutorial Using the Out of Gamut Warning tool in Adobe Lightroom – Duration: 5:19. Jose Rodriguez 2,436

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The adjustments you make using the controls and options in the Adjustments panel create nondestructive adjustment layers. See About adjustment layers and fill layers. You can use the Gamut Warning command to highlight out‑of‑gamut colors. Find out‑of‑gamut colors