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This addition to the Nikon family of dSLRs doesn’t skimp on power or performance, offering a great set of features to help you take your photography to the next level. To help you get started using your D3100 camera, we’ve provided a handy reference to your camera’s buttons and dials and automatic and advanced exposure modes.

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Follow my Facebook page and my YouTube channel to see the latest videos as they are released and to be notified when I post tutorials for the D3100. Newly Released Cheat Sheets. If you’re anxious and want to start taking better pictures today, check out my Cheat Cards for the Nikon D3100. They give you a sneak peek at the settings I use for a

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Dec 21, 2010 · If you’d like to toss your camera into a large purse or backpack instead of an actual camera bag, you may want to consider the Nikon CF-DC1 Semi-Soft Case, compatible with the Nikon D3100…

Nikon D3100 Cheat Sheet | Best Settings for the Nikon D3100

Each cheat card is focused on a specific scenario with simple step-by-step instructions written for beginners. The settings are specific to the Nikon D3100 and select Nikon lenses (see available lens combos below). Can be printed at home or viewed digitally on …

What is Nikon D3100 bulb mode, and how to set up it for

Nikon D3100 bulb mode, and how to set up it for long exposure To help make your photography dream becomes true, we all want to gather all of the knowledge about photography from …

How to Set Automatic Features with a Nikon D3100 – dummies

Nikon D3100 For Dummies. In the other modes, you can choose from a few Flash modes. The default Flash mode is Auto, which engages the built-in flash when additional light is necessary. Image Quality and Image Size: The default size of photos taken with the Nikon D3100 is the Large Image Size setting, 14.2 MP (megapixel), and the Normal Image Quality,

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Nikon D3100 Guide – Setting your camera Tutorial. Anytime you bring home your very first Digital SLR Camera you are both excited and scared. You are excited at the proposition of what you will create, yet scared at learning all the features and actually taking pictures.

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This is Nikon Imaging Website. D3100 gives you a choice of two formats – classic and graphic – for the info display.

M: Manual Mode | Nikon D3100: The Professional Modes

Setting Up and Shooting in Manual Mode. To set your exposure using the aperture, depress the shutter release button until the meter is activated. Then, while holding down the Exposure Compensation/Aperture button (located behind and to the right of the shutter release button), rotate the Command dial to change the aperture.