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The Perfect Lighting for Jewelry Photography. With one softbox, you can light your product and …

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Using a Softbox for the Best in Portrait Lighting. You can use umbrellas, of course, and they will provide you with a nice even glow of light, whether you bounce the light directly off the inside of the umbrella or shine the light through the umbrella (a technique which will reduce the light in proportion to the material the umbrella is made of).

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How to Use a Softbox. Uses for the softbox fall predominantly into two categories: Key Light, as the principal light source, and Fill Light, as a secondary light to reduce contrast. Although any style of light source can be used for key or fill applications, the use of a harsh light for fill renders a poor result.

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Softboxes give a lovely soft light. Again, by adding a reflector panel we can fill the shadows on the opposite side. If I am using a matt light source like a softbox, I normally use a matt white

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SoftBox As Hard Light. Typically a softbox is used to soften light, hence the name, but in this setup, Belluso demonstrates how to use a softbox to get a very hard light by placing it far from the model. This makes the light source smaller which makes the edges of the shadows sharper and more defined.

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Using a small softbox to modify the light from your flash and learning to balance that with the ambient light, will help transform your portraits. As always, when you are trying some new technique with unfamiliar equipment make sure you can afford to make mistakes.

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A softbox is pretty much a box that goes at the front of a light source or around it. The light source, as explained with the previous example (the sun), is usually small.

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Use two of them together and you’ll think you’re a lighting genius. To show you the visible differences between an umbrella and a softbox, I shot a comparison test using two large light sources. In this corner was a white Flashpoint 16-rib 64-inch parabolic umbrella ($44.95.) In the opposite corner was a 36×48-inch Flashpoint PZ Softbox ($119.95.) As you can see, even an inexpensive lightbank like the PZ …

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The closer the softbox is to the model or subject, the softer the light appears, emulating window light. The shape of a softbox can vary from rectangular to octagonal to square to a long strip of light. A softbox is comprised of translucent cloth and attached to …

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Need for Softboxes. Softboxes are considered as the primary tool for flash photography; off-camera flash photography to be precise. They are nothing more than fabric wrapped boxes with one end open and a hole on the other to allow a flash unit to be inserted inside. The front open end is covered by a translucent material, usually fabric.

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Jul 28, 2011 · Using this knowledge you will find it easier to decide which size Box to use to achieve your desired lighting result. After this lesson you should know what size of Soft Box to buy and the basics

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A softbox makes creating flattering portraits very easy. You can use it as a key light, fill light, or even a hair light. It all depends on the lighting conditions at the location you are shooting.

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A softbox is just a small light, used primarily in studios, but which can be adapted for use outside. The mini variety tends to be best in this regard since it is easy to transport around. When you can control the lighting of the outdoors with a mini softbox, you can drastically change how your photos look.